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The Erkoform 3D™ Motion with Occluform-3® is the first Erkodent thermoforming unit to feature an automated thermoforming process.

It is designed to fabricate various dental appliances such as bite plates, fluoride and bleaching trays, sports mouthguards, and orthodontic appliances. It uses a vacuum technique to thermoform and imprint the opposing bite for optimum fit.

This unit includes a touchless temperature control, reserve vacuum, preprogrammed settings, and a touchpanel screen for simple program operation.

No external compressed air supply is required.

The machine's function and technical data is equivalent to the Erkoform 3D, save for an improved touchpanel and operating concept.

The automatic thermoforming process makes it unnecessary to manually move the hot foil from the heating unit to the model, and to thermoform.

Simply position the model and initiate the heating cycle, effectively increasing productivity and reducing costs.


  • No external compressed air supply required
  • Easy operation; Erkodent foil heating temperatures and cooling times preprogrammed; custom programs easily added
  • Touchless temperature sensor for accurate determination of the actual thermoforming material temperature
  • No preheating time
  • Sudden vacuum, built up before thermoforming process
  • More space for higher models
  • Perpendicular pre-stretching and forming produces results of even foil thicknesses
  • Completely accessible model during the heating process
  • Practical one-hand foil fixation for foil thicknesses ranging from 0 to 5 mm
  • Complete with granules and materials trial pack


  • Occluform-3


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    Erkopress 240

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  • $1,090.00


    The Occluform-3 is an occludator that can be integrated in a thermoforming unit to imprint the opposing bite (pat. 19915567) and can only be instal...

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