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Erkoform-3d motion


Thermoforming unit with automated thermoforming process.
A large volume reserve vacuum is being held to allow a sudden forming.

A sensor for touchless temperature measurement ensures the accurate temperature of the material for the thermoforming regardless of the ambient temperature.

The unit is equipped with a medium-wave infrared heating, which doesn’t need preheating time. The medium-wave allows for the materials to heat up not only on the surface but also in-depth.

The result is a less stressed splint.

The Occluform-3 can be installed (accessory) click to see Occluform-3


Technical Specification

  • H 31,5 / W 35 / D 37 cm
  • weight 13,9 kg
  • foil diameter 120 mm
  • foil thickness 0 - 5.5 mm
  • ~220 - 240 (110 - 120) (100) volts, 50 - 60 hertz
  • power: 340 watt
  • max. vacuum 0.8 bar
  • noise level < 60 dB(A)
  • Program the foil, insert foil, start the heating process, place the model now at the latest, everything else will be done by the Erkoform-3d motion!
  • No compressed air supply required, plug and play.
  • No preheating time needed.
  • Touchless temperature sensor to exactly determine the actual temperature patented) of the thermoforming material.
  • Prior to the thermoforming process built up vacuum with sudden forming.
  • Vertical pre-stretching and fitting for even foil thicknesses.
  • To position the foil, with foil thicknesses of 0 to 5.5 mm, the unit can be operated conveniently with one hand.
  • Easily accessible model during heating period.
  • Acoustic and visual signal (suitable for people with impaired hearing)

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