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Chairman - CAD/CAM chairside milling machine with dual spindles designed for dental clinics to offer single-visit dentistry applications.

Dual spindles can mill pin-type block materials like zirconia, glass-ceramic, hybrid ceramic, and PMMA in 8-15 minutes.

Milling and grinding the design give extreme precision, resulting in smooth surfaces.
Applications: Crowns, inlays, onlays, veneers
MAXX Chairman Milling Machine

Remote operation: MAXXLink

MAXXLink is software installed on your PC and designed to control a milling machine remotely or directly. Direct control utilizes the machine's user interface and a USB drive for file transfer, whereas the remote approach enables control and file transfer from the user's PC via Ethernet connection. MAXXLink supports remote file management and remote access to multiple machines from one computer in a network.
Maxx Go2Cam

CAM Software: Go2CAM license for high quality dental restorations

GO2dental enables you to open an STL file directly from the major CAD software (Exocad, 3shape, Dental Wings, EGS, Digistell, 3D Reshaper...). This function allows retrieving information such as the type of element or the margin line. It also simplifies, even more, the use of the software by going from "1.1 Import an STL file" to "1.3 Material Selection".

According to the type of element, GO2dental
calculates and creates automatically the necessary curves for the milling (margin line, silhouette, insert axis...etc.).
Chairman Application
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