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MAXX Milling Machine

MAXX Milling Machine

Maxx Milling Collection

  • $96,285.00


    Full automatic system (all-in-one) Specialized in milling soft and hard materials AC Servo Motor Spindle: 2.7 kW / 60,000 rpm Applications: C...

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  • $41,250.00


    DS200-5Z Specialized in precise dry milling (Buccal milling) • 5-axis, dry milling• Specialized in milling soft materials• AC Servo Motor• Spi...

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  • $48,145.00


    DS200-4WX Custom abutment and glass-ceramic in one machine (Occlusion milling) • 4-axis, wet milling• Specialized in milling Ti pre-milled bl...

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  • $0.00


    DS200-4WA Small, but strong with high durability • 4-axis, wet milling• Specialized in milling Ti pre-milled blank (5)• AC Servo Motor• Spindle...

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  • $65,000.00


    Focus on Quality Chairman - CAD/CAM chairside milling machine with dual spindles designed for dental clinics to offer single-visit dentistry app...

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